Open-data Cities Conference

The Open-data Cities Conference took place in Brighton and Hove on Friday, April 20 2012.

The high-profile conference – the first of its kind in the United Kingdom – was attended by more than 150 people and focused on how publicly-funded organisations can engage with citizens to build more creative, prosperous and accountable communities.

In a busy schedulespeakers were:

  • Charlie Stewart and John Shewell (standing in for John Barradell);
  • Leigh Dodds;
  • Jonathan Carr-West;
  • Tom Steinberg;
  • Drew Hemment;
  • Bill Thompson;
  • Lean Doody;
  • Emer Coleman;
  • Ian Holt;
  • Laura James;
  • Greg Hadfield.
  • There are pictures of all the speakers – thanks to Andrew Hasson - plus pictures in the auditorium and outside.

    You can also read about their contributions, thanks to Adam Tinworth (@adders), who has written about it comprehensively on One Man and His Blog.

    Catch up with the conversation on #ODCC.

    Links to other coverage and my own reflections will be published over the next few days.


    The Argus: Putting open data into action

    The conference, I hope, helped put Brighton and Hove at the forefront of an historic shift that will transform the lives of millions of citizens.

    The Guardian: Data that can build a better society

    On the day of the conference, The Guardian’s excellent Datablog published this guest blogpost.

    A message to attendees of the Open-data Cities Conference

    I just wanted to say how excited I am about tomorrow’s Open-data Cities Conference – and, of course, to thank all attendees and speakers for their support.

    Speakers and Schedule