Once you have set your goals you need to write down an action plan as to how you are going to achieve them. An action plan is simply a list of tasks you need to reach your goal in the order that you need to complete them. Having an action plan means that you are aware of exactly what needs to be completed to reach your ultimate goal. It gives you a sense of focus, achievement and progress as you tick each task off on your plan.


Research your chosen career. How have other people succeeded in your chosen field? What resources did they need? What skills did they have? Look at job advertisements in your chosen career, identify the skills you lack. Can you do training courses in your spare time to fill your skills gap? Read current industry publications to educate yourself about your chosen career, Such information could help you refine the skills and training you take. Or it could give you an advantage in interviews or perhaps it could give you invaluable information in starting up a business.


Get out there and talk to other people in the job you want to do. This may sound scary for the more shy of us but remember networking is just talking to people. There could be a family member who does the job you would like to do or a friend. Start with them. This will help you discover whether the career you want is definitely for you and if you have the skills and ability for the job and if not what you need to do to get them.

Use the resources you have

It may be that you have to stay in your current job or situation while you start to work on your career change. If this is the case look at the resources you can use in your current situation to start making steps towards your goal. Is there any work place training you can do that will help in your career change? Are there people you can network with at work or family, friends and contacts at home? Can you use computers in your lunch hour to apply for courses, jobs or do online training? Are there contacts you can make with potential suppliers or customers? Use the time and resources you currently have to help you move forward on your career change journey.

Feel the fear

One of the truths I can give you is it’s mainly fear which stops you from getting started and keeping motivated at anything. Fear of failing at the new career, fear of looking stupid, fear of making a mistake, fear of rejection, the list goes on. One of the best books I ever read was Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers. This excellent book inspired me to change my own career (read my story on the about me page). For me it was a life changing book which helped me move forward in many other areas too. The advice she gives is the only way the fear will go away is to push through the fear and take action anyway. Jeffers give tips, advice and exercises to help you push through all your fears and start working towards your goals.