Reading your research paper second time is a totally different experience to reading for the first time so just use your guinea pig sparingly you kind of use them one at a time and that also is another thing about writing early right if you started early and you have drafts early you can use your guinea pigs if you haven’t started until a week before the deadline well you know you can barely use guinea pigs at all okay so an even non-expert guinea pigs are quite helpful like people who are you know not even expert in your particular field these should be able to make sense of the first few sections right if they’re go too motivated because you’re they’re your friend all right they might not understand all the technical details but it’s really important with your guinea pigs is to explain what you want. Learn how to review your research on Edusson.

Because I tell you it’s an invariable quantum property of guinea pigs that they will tell you about spelling and grammar first that’s what they will do they’ll say you will give you back Babel lots of markup about you know I would have put a comma here you’re not interested in that at this stage you are interested in when they ceased understanding right but they will not tell you that unless you look them in the eye Johnny and Anita and Anita right gonna look you in the eye and e2 and say I really want you to tell me when you get lost in this paper you know because it’s my fault not yours if you get lost at least in the first few pages right and I’ve got to make Annie to believe that so that she will tell me because once you know that and then the dialogue then you start a dialogue like so I got lost you know halfway down page two I thought I was I was okay and then I got completely lost and then you have a dialogue you start watching the whiteboard you do diagrams.

You say what I really meant was this and then he says Oh that was what you meant and you think ah done I just got to write that down it’s amazing all you have to do is to literally write down the things that you end up saying to your friend but you will find you explain it much better interactively than you do on paper so it’s a it’s very important I think not to just give it to somebody and get written feedback but to give it to somebody and say just put it 1 mark where you get lost and then we’ll talk about it that’s my advice okay of course you know the better qualify they are the more they know the field the better because they can get further through your paper so that’s that’s all good yeah but the key thing is to get this sort of initial initial feedback you can try and get feedback from people further away who really do know what they’re talking about what one wonder you can do is to send people even people you don’t know maybe you just met them once or twice at a conference or something you’ve bowled up and said that was interesting.