Ask questions

Make a list of well thought out questions to ask but don’t necessarily wait until the end of the interview to ask them (although it always good to ask a couple then. It’s good to ask questions as you go along as it shows interest and enthusiasm)

Answer questions

When answering questions always offer evidence to back up your claims. Always give examples of where you have used skills. For example, when asked “What can you offer the company” don’t just say I’m hardworking, reliable, and a team player. Give examples of where you have worked hard at previous jobs and what you have achieved through your hard work.

Body language

A huge percentage of your communication is done through body language. (Some studies have estimated 65 to 90 per cent of communication is nonverbal). So be aware of it during interviews. A firm handshake, smiling and good eye contact are all examples of positive body language during interviews. In panel interviews, keep good eye contact with the person asking the question but make regular eye contact with other panel members too to ensure you are engaging them. Also read the interviewer’s body language. For example, if he is writing lots when you first begin answering questions and then stops while you speak for a while longer, you may be speaking for a bit too long.

Don’t worry about repeating everything you’ve put in your CV

Interviewers often glance at CVs before the interview but it is unlikely they will remember a lot of what you have said in it. Therefore don’t assume that they know what’s in the CV. Make sure you highlight all the top achievements and experience you have written in there.

Practise, practise, practise

Practise your interview techniques before the interview as much as you can. Practise your handshake, practise answering questions in front of the mirror, practise positive thinking, practise everything you can. The more you act out eventualities before the interview, the more confident you will feel just before and during the interview.

Think positively

Boost your confidence in the interview with some positive self talk. Tell yourself “I can get this job”, “I have so much to offer this position”, “I’ll handle any difficult questions”. I promise if you repeat positive sentences such as these you will feel so much better than if you fill your mind with anxious, negative thoughts. And, if you feel better, you’ll perform better