Let’s turn to writing style although I realize quotes are possible this paper is really too short to include quotes so in this essay do not include quotes any evidence from sources should be paraphrased and don’t forget in-text citations for sources when you paraphrase them also you need to use a formal voice in your writing what I mean by that is you are not supposed to use words like I you we our us my your and so on so for example if you have the urge to say we need to advocate for our patients you would want to change it to get rid of them we in the our you could say providers need to advocate for their patients that is actually clearer because it says who we is so please use formal writing in the essay. Find out more about certain essay writing styles at Edusson.

A few more things about writing style of course you need to use correct grammar punctuation and spelling and don’t forget to use transition words in transition sentences finally try not to make the sentences too long if they are too long see if you can split them up into two shorter sentences let’s also take a look at the grading rubric here is what you get graded on you get four points for a correct format this is a biggie spelling and grammar are worth one point and citations and references are worth three points one for each reference the introduction is worth two points I’m looking for clear theses and topic sentences the body is worth three points I’m looking for three good solid body paragraphs here and the conclusion is two points and I’m looking for the thesis conclusion and the topic sentence conclusion here as you can see the maximum total points for the SI is 15 but please note something see these three items with the stars next to them if these are really bad you will fail the whole essay so if your format is not 400 to 600 words or not five paragraph expect to get a zero on the assignment.

And I don’t mind a few spelling errors here and there but if it’s a train wreck sorry no points and citations and references I know those are picky things too but if you don’t have any just expect that you will get zero points I’m messing in this class for both essay 1 and essay 2 you are required to write an outline first it can help you organize your work especially when you formulate your outline while you are doing your research and finding sources for your evidence also writing an outline first can help you include all the components you need in your five paragraph essay see this form this form is posted on the essay resources tab and is called blank essay outline form under the introduction it leaves you a place to write the thesis in another place for the topic sentence then for each body paragraph you can fill in the transition sentence and make notes about your evidence you can include your in-text citations too.